The Final Step:

Cast, Polished and Set

This is it, the moment you've been waiting for. The finished piece. Cast in the metal you desire (platinum, white, yellow, or rose gold). Polished to a sparkling finish and set with the diamonds and/or gems of your choice.

Step Three:

Wax Prototype

At this point a wax prototype is cut or grown. This is when you can try it on and get an extremely good idea of what the finished piece will look like prior to it being cast.

Step Two:

CAD Design & Rendering

Once your design is conceptualized from our discussions, we create a computer generated design (CAD). The CAD file provides you with a feel of what your piece will look like. At this point we can make any of your desired changes to ensure we are capturing what you have in mind.

Step One:


Your original idea or sketch, a photo from a magazine or to simply take your thoughts and comments to create your custom design jewelry

Custom Design

At Piccard Jewelry Design, the back room or 'the work bench" is the heart and the soul of who we are and what we do. It is important to know that it is staffed by full-time artisans and master goldsmiths with many years of experience in their craft.

We have the extraordinary ability to work with your original idea or sketch, a photo from a magazine or to simply take your thoughts and comments to create your custom design jewelry. After a hand or computer-aided concept is approved, it can be crafted entirely from diamonds, precious stones and metals from our own sources. Or, we can combine new and heirloom materials to transform your own worn or outdated jewelry into a fresh and exciting creation that will dazzle and delight you for years to come. Please visit us to see how!

If you’re looking for an unusual piece of jewelry, have an idea for something truly spectacular, or would like to have a wedding band to match an existing engagement ring; we have the artistry and the craftsmen to make it a reality. With your ideas our designers will render for you a hand carved or computer-aided three dimensional wax model of your jewelry. We'll also assist you with your selection of diamonds or other fine gemstones to complete the overall design. Your personal input and approval is part of the entire process. You are invited, please come talk with us at any time to see the magic that we make to handcraft your own personal treasure.

Piccard Jewelry Design is legendary for our uncompromising dedication to design artistry, exceptional quality and superb craftsmanship in the Old World tradition. We are honored by your trust in our creativity and passion for the art of crafting exquisite jewelry, and we stand by our reputation and our promise for your complete satisfaction.